Simply birolliant – the incredible 10ft ‘photographs’ drawn with a ballpoint pen

They may look like pin-sharp photographs – but these amazing pictures are actually drawings created with the humble ballpoint pen.

The stunning pictures, measuring up to 10ft high, were drawn by a rising star of the art world, Juan Francisco Casas.

Casas, 31, can use up to four 14p ballpoint pens for a canvas and his works are already a sell-out at exhibitions.

Formerly a traditional painter, Juan began the drawings three years ago based on photographs of nights out with his friends.



If it were only that simple. Illustrator extraordinaire, Taylor White, recently busted ass in what some would describe as an epic acrobatic gravity defying swan-dive into the Norwegian snow via snowboard. The end result was a broken wrist and 8 weeks recovery time. It just so happened that this feat occurred the week before she was due for a visit to the U.S. of A. I was thusly wrangled into making this old school plaster cast (they do things funky in Norway apparently) into an awesome work of art. The end result can be seen beloooooow!!!


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Do you believe in a drawing artist with a perfect hand?

Reactions from visitors were mixed – they were mostly amazed, but some were sceptical about many things. Some of the drawings looked so perfect and full of details that it made even me to question if these were pure drawings or drawings/photos with the touch of photoshop . Anyway, discussion went a long way so i decided to take a closer look at Linda’s work.

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