If it were only that simple. Illustrator extraordinaire, Taylor White, recently busted ass in what some would describe as an epic acrobatic gravity defying swan-dive into the Norwegian snow via snowboard. The end result was a broken wrist and 8 weeks recovery time. It just so happened that this feat occurred the week before she was due for a visit to the U.S. of A. I was thusly wrangled into making this old school plaster cast (they do things funky in Norway apparently) into an awesome work of art. The end result can be seen beloooooow!!!


She is now a lefty…



The meaty side…



The final detail. In spite of injury, she is still drawing and posting her rad left-handed squiggles!!!! So check out her RAD blog for more RAD work!!!!!!!! !!! !

UPDATE: Since i’ve had a few curious inquiries, I drew the bones and muscles on the plaster using micron pens, it took about an hour to do, and the bone color around it was a mixture of acrylic paint and matte medium, to make it pop more. I doubt this would have worked well on anything other than an old-school plaster cast (they don’t make them this way in America anymore apparently, they usually cover it with that really ridged & extremely textured plastic that comes in all colors), but maybe if you do break something you can request plaster, it’s a great canvas!

DOUBLE UPDATE: Taylor is back in action folks, look out. Alas, the back of the cast was sacrificed, but the skeletal part remains intact, score.


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