Typography Commandments

1. Thou shall use rich Black

This is a tip that every beginner should know. It  passes down on a line of wisdom from art director to junior or its learned trough trial and error. If  you choose a black text for print it is very important to   make sure  you are using  rich black and it doesn’t contain any other colors. On the computer screen ,the eye can be easily fouled but the printer will always may have a different representation of the same black.  There are many different possible ink combinations – the most common “rich black” contains percentages of all 4 inks: 63C, 52M, 51Y 100K. This particular variant owes it’s popularity to Adobe Photoshop – when an RGB file is converted to CMYK, areas that are absolute RGB black (R0, G0, B0) will wind up with this combination, unless certain default settings have been changed. Other possible flavors of “rich black” are “Cool Black” (60C, 0M, 0Y, 100K) and “Warm Black” (0C, 60M, 30C, 100K).

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