50 great examples of infographics


In newspapers, infographics are commonly used to show the weather, as well as maps and site plans for newsworthy events, and graphs for statistical data. These are some exciting works of infographics. If you like this, you can search for  Eric K. Meyer and his books.See also http://www.visions.com.ua/70-prekrasnyx-primerov-infografiki/ for more infographics. Continue reading “50 great examples of infographics”


Tilting and Shifting in Photography


On a regular camera, the image plane (containing the film or image sensor), lens plane, and object plane are parallel, and objects in sharp focus are all at the same distance from the camera. When the lens plane is tilted relative to the image plane, the plane of focus (PoF) is at an angle to the image plane, and objects at different distances from the camera can all be sharply focused if they lie on a straight line. With the lens tilted, the image plane, lens plane, and PoF intersect at a common line; this behavior has become known as the Scheimpflug principle.

When the PoF coincides with an essentially flat subject, the entire subject is sharp; in applications such as landscape photography, getting everything sharp is often the objective.

The PoF can also be oriented so that only a small part of it passes through the subject, producing a very shallow region of sharpness, and the effect is quite different from that obtained simply by using a large aperture with a regular camera. It can be used to make a large scene appear much smaller, as the shallow depth of field is similar to that achieved by a macro lens on miniature subjects.

View camera users usually distinguish between rotating the lens about a horizontal axis (tilt), and rotation about a vertical axis (swing); small- and medium-format camera users often refer to either rotation as “tilt”.

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A Definitive Collection of 800+ Categorized Photoshop Tutorials, Plugins and Brushes

Photo frames

During the last years I’ve been compiling resources for Photoshoppers. Since I’m the Editor of Photoshop Roadmap, I have to check for new tutorials every day and so I have a good knowledge about Photoshop resources being produced continuously.

That’s why I decided to gather all the compilations of Photoshop Resources I created for this blog. The most popular subjects are present in this collection: Photo effects, Photoshop brushes, text effect, lighting and grunge effects, etc. But also you will find other very specific topics covered such as: Videogames related tutorials, superheroes themed tutorials, complex lettering, movie posters and horror photo makeover.

Take a look at these more than 800 Photoshop tutorials, plugins and brushes. I’m sure you will definitely bookmark this page as a future reference. Continue reading “A Definitive Collection of 800+ Categorized Photoshop Tutorials, Plugins and Brushes”

Vlam Test

Uzun süre önce Fusion için ilginç ve bedava bir plugin buldum. Vlam ismindeki bu plugin çeşitli matematik hesaplamalarla oluşturduğu noktalar ile dizilim yoğunluklarını ve eğimlerini değiştirerek değişik ve güzel animasyonlar hazırlıyor.
Plugin‘i biraz zorlamak adına çok yüksek çözünürlükte bir animasyon denemesi yaptım. Sonuç olarak aynı çözünürlükte çalışan (yada çalışmaya çalışan) diğer pluginlerle yaklaşık bir hız verdi. En azından makinam kitlenmedi ve işin sonuna kadar sağlam bir şekilde çalışmayı başardım. (İş yerinde butür denemeler olmaz iş yeri iş yeridir ayrıca güçlü bilgisayarlarda orda durur. Bu tür gereksiz denemeler evde yapılır, dolayısıyla kasılma ve çökmeler normaldir.) Bu arada denediğim çözünürlük 5k pixel’in biraz üzerindeydi.

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